One of the most intriguing things we’ve heard recently around Solar companies is that there are ‘Phoenix’ companies.

Have you ever heard of this?

Scott of Precision Solar brought it to our attention recently when we caught up for a chat about the Who and the Why behind the Solar deals we see in the media and pamphlets dropped into our letterboxes.

They’re city-based companies sharing their bargain-basement deals saving our community thousands…or are they?

Scott has been collecting advertisement clippings and he’s been able to piece together the companies who appear to be ‘new advanced’ companies, however, they are Phoenix companies that have already been through our community under a previous company name.

“I find it so intriguing that they have simply renamed and rebranded themselves and are coming back through the area again, making big promises and then once again…disappearing” – said Scott.

Scott then went on to say…”So what happens when something goes wrong down the line and you need their support? Your guess is as good as mine.”

“I fear this is a lesson that has been learned by too many, unfortunately. For me, it’s a lesson that we should all do our due diligence and know, like and trust our advisors and suppliers.”

When we caught up with Scott, we learned that whilst he started Precision Solar around 3 years ago, he’s no stranger to the energy industry.

It was 1993 when Scott did his apprenticeship. He moved around with the energy companies he worked for and that lead him to Port Macquarie 9 years ago where he enjoys the relaxed lifestyle with wife Jacquie, children Bronte and Ewan and Ollie the dog.

Through providing installs for third party companies and some of their own customers, Scotts reputation of honesty and quality saw Precision Solar emerging as a leader in the industry 3 years ago and has grown to a company talked about in our community for all the right reasons.

They offer high quality systems for their customers with full monitoring of the systems for 5 years following installation.

What’s interesting is they don’t just look at the system to the point of inverter level, they look down to individual panels to see if shading from nearby trees or houses is affecting the efficiency, or if any individual panel is not performing correctly.

The systems Precision Solar specialise in have ‘optimisers’ allowing them the ability to see what each individual panel is doing at any time using an app on their phone.

It’s not just his specialist field of solar that was interesting about Scott, it was how much he loves his community. When they moved to Port Macquarie, they decided to learn more about the ocean and started with a local Nippers club.

Now both Jacquie and Scott are Surf Lifesavers having received their Bronze Medallions, and Bronte has just received her Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC).

One of the big things when looking for who to partner with in finding a suitable solution to invest in is the people behind the brand. That’s what we love about Precision Solar. They’re a brand for the community. They help their customers find the answers to the questions they don’t even know they should ask, and on their days off, they’re back in the community making Port Macquarie a safer more fun place to live.

So, if you’re in the market for a solar system, it’s important you speak to a specialist. Someone who knows their speciality field and will be honest with you because they are here for the long haul. Precision Solar are committed to taking the ‘what if’ and hassle out of your solar system purchase to ensure they continue to serve you the way you need them to.

They’ll not just talk about the now, they’ll talk with you about the future needs of the home such as;

  • Are you looking to renovate in the future to expand the home size?
  • Will you be having children and therefore need more power to service the extra people?
  • Are you considering putting a pool or spa in later on?
  • Do you have fish tanks that require ongoing power supply despite a blackout?

Like we said earlier, there are so many variables because while we all live in a house, we have different needs to service and different ideas for the future of our home which will either expand or contract.

For more information feel free to follow Precision Solar on Facebook or visit their website www.precision-solar.net.

Guest Blogger – Scott McAllister