Buying a property…let’s face it, it can be an incredibly stressful experience!

With so much at risk it’s not for the light-hearted, and easy for the novice or even the more experienced buyer, to miss important details that could have huge consequences later…where the age-old saying kicks in, “the devil’s in the detail”!

Enter ‘The Buyer’s Agent’…an experienced individual, who can transform the process into, stress-free experience and achieve a great result. They may know factors not even considered such as; off-market properties that are unique, or people in need of a fast sale. What’s more, a great buyer’s agent will go above and beyond the one real estate transaction, guiding you to figure out your long-term property-related goals and put a  strategy in place to help you achieve it.

The Value in a Strong Professional Relationship

Needless to say, when you have one person working ‘with’ you, a relationship forms and is easy to keep the strategy and story rolling, rather than managing many relationships as you ‘property hunt’ through the many agents that are usually located within easy reach of each other.

There’s a common ‘perception’ that wealthy people use buyer’s agents, but this is simply not the case. Buying a property is more than likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make and is a huge investment… getting it wrong could be costly.

Leveraging An Extensive Network

Investing in a professional property buyer, who knows the market inside out and has an extensive network of contacts and a wealth of knowledge to draw upon, will almost certainly save money, even when their fees are factored in. Whether it’s a competitive market or not, this is how many are securing their dream home or investment properties.

It’s really important to remember that good property investment isn’t just about saving money or securing a ‘bargain’…there needs to be a focus on getting the right property at the right price, at the right time and of course in the right location…relevant to your needs. A good buyer’s agent will spend time with you, understanding what you need and your ‘appetite’ for risk to figure out what you hope to achieve, and will have the experience and market knowledge to find the ‘one’…or two! 

In the early 2000’s there were only a few buyer’s agents operating in Sydney and Melbourne, and they were largely considered (rightly or wrongly) the domain of the wealthy. Today, more and more buyer’s agents are popping up around our beautiful country as buyers in all price ranges are learning more about the huge benefits engaging one can achieve.  

Auction Performance – The Buyer’s Agent Playground

Shows and documentaries such as Escape To The Country, The Block, Grand Designs and Love It or List It, have played a positive role in the rising popularity of buyer’s agents.

Most people will only buy at auction once or twice in their lives…if that! A buyer’s agent…well, these guys have ‘done it’ dozens or even hundreds of times, they know the tricks and have strategies to counter what the ordinary buyer may not know.

Emotional detachment is a terrific benefit as these guys are simply there to achieve the best outcome for their client…and that in itself can avoid many common mistakes, particularly those made by first-time buyers. 

What to look for in a buyer’s agent

With more buyer’s agents now available, it’s important to make sure that you’re engaging a true professional with a proven track record. They should have several years of experience in the specific area that you want to buy. Check that they are appropriately licensed and insured with the relevant professional qualifications and ask about their most recent purchases…maybe ask for a testimonial. More importantly…spend some time together, get to know them, after all, you could be spending a decent amount of time together!