Its an extension of the artwork, it’s a protective casing for the artwork or treasured memory, a good frame should hold your eye to the artwork but not take away from the artwork or item carefully enclosed within it.

If you have spent time, money and emotion making a memory, whether it’s a treasured moment in time printed as a photo or an item found during a holiday or an artwork collected, why put it in something that will not do it equal justice or keep it safe for many years to come, give it the respect it deserves by keeping it sheltered in a quality, acid free frame.

Its often the case that you just know in a moment that you want something on your wall, that print, photograph, poster or original work of art, you have an attachment to it, you have “the feels” when you look at it. So don’t spoil it with a random, mass-produced frame this is “close enough” yet not perfect for it.

There are a few things to consider when selecting your frame, we will walk you through a few of them.

1. Location, location, location

Regardless of if its a timeless Norman Lindsay, or a funky black and white photographs via a photography buddy, there’s a huge variety of frames to choose from. You need to take into account where its going to be hung, the frame should be all about what is in it however for it to fit into your home you need to also think about its surrounds, the décor you have, your personal style and do you want it to stand out as a statement piece or do you want it to be a subtle extension of what you already have in the space.

2. The medium

One of the biggest factors that will determine how an item should be framed is the medium it was created with or printed on ie. canvas, paper, timber, or even fabric. Also, some pieces will need to be ‘stretched’ on stretcher bar specially made for photos and artwork on canvas, an original oil or acrylic painting will not require the same treatment as a work on paper or any other lightweight form. Going to a professional framer will help you determine the correct way to frame something to ensure its longest lifespan and protection. Sometimes, an artwork might be completed on a flat piece of material or art-paper. In other instances, the piece might be a rolled-up canvas or print on photo paper. The state in which an artwork comes to you will strongly influence the process in which you might need to set about framing it, your professional framer will be able to advise you with that.

3. Bespoke Styling

The matt board set up, the frame style and colour pallet of the artwork, print, poster or treasured item itself should play a part in the style design also. A good framer will have the ability to do a large variety of setups and have samples of them for you to look at and get ideas from, either on a website, display folder or on the wall. Like a good wedding photographer you don’t book them on their ability to take one good photo, or an employee because they are able to write one good report a year or make one good sale a year, likewise you don’t leave your memory item or artwork with a framer who can only do one style of framing. Your frame should be a completely personalised design that is made to suit the location, the medium and the theme of the item itself. That is why you go to a full time, professional framer who keeps up to date with products, techniques and the best quality products, not an “out of the garage” mate who has some framing tools.

Frame it right and you will only need to frame it once. The perfect frame should always enhance what you are displaying and never distract the viewer. In a lot of ways, art is passion and art is life, your memories are the treasures of life and so they should always be treated with a strong duty of care, respect and love. With the attention to detail, and the advice and professional standards of an expert framer, your invest of time and money will afford your collection the regard it deserves and it will ensure a great value over the many years you will be able to enjoy it via a quality, well-selected framing choice. Your frame design says as much about you as the content within your frame. Take the time to see a professional, properly select the correct frame and set up, this will give you the security that your artwork or memory has the best chance of protection for many years to come.

Guest Blogger – Cherie Morton